In a not so distant future, on a frozen campus very, very near…

The Snow is strong with those who participate in the annual Snow Wars competition. Have you ever wanted to throw snowballs at your friends… or maybe at your enemies? Well, then you’re in luck! On xxx the most fierce teams on campus will face each other until only one team is left standing.

The Law Students’ Association and the Umeå Student Union are happy to invite you to participate in teams of maximum five and compete against other students on campus. A bigger prize will be given to the winning team! The team who created the best flag, the team with the best costume and the team with the best cheering crowd will get a smaller prize. ACCORDINGLY, PRIZES WILL BE GIVEN TO 4 TEAMS! HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!

A maximum of 16 student teams will be allowed to compete, therefore we urge you to swiftly gather your companions to join you on this epic quest for glory. In order to sign up, fill in this form.

You have until XXX 3 pm to sign your team up!

Free entrance!!


All the teams and the crowd are invited to E-Puben for a prize ceremony! Here we will announce all the four different winners of the tournament. The bar and the kitchen will be open from the end of the tournament until 8 pm.


Rouge will host Snow Wars after party from 10 pm-02 am. More information will be announced later (alligator).

Rules regarding Snow Wars

May the snow be with you!